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It looks like it's been almost a year since our last release. Well, this one is definitely one worth waiting for!!!! Here's the Truth Version of D2's legendary stageplay TRUMP with full English subtitles!!! We here at F2 absolutely adore this play and we're so excited to finally be able to share it with you!!!

If you haven't heard about this play yet, you can find some information about it here and get a brief introduction to the characters here!

Hardsub: MEGA 2 3 4 (4 parts)
Mediafire (15 parts)
Softsub: Subs

The softsub should be timed to the version that was put up on the D2 LJ comm approximately 1000 years ago, back during the Blood War probably :)

You cannot just watch the hardsub without joining all the parts together first!!! When joining the parts of the hardsubbed version, please use hjsplit or a similar program! Make sure you download every part in full before attempting to put them back together or you will not like the results ;u;

I will probably put up a higher quality/smaller file when I have access to my DVD again and can re-steal it but for now I hope this is okay for you ;u;

DO NOT REPOST THIS. DO NOT PUT THIS UP FOR STREAMING. DO NOT. Everyone involved worked too hard on this project and suffered almost as much as these sad vampires D|| We'll definitely get mad!!!!!
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