Pole Dancing Boys!

Friday, March 29th, 2013 04:22 am
xianaasuka: (Yamaguchi Kenki - Mei-chan no Shitsuji)
[personal profile] xianaasuka posting in [community profile] f2

The day that probably nobody ever thought would arrive is here! We at F2 are proud to release our first feature-length... feature! (We are not proud of the contents, though. There are too many bad puns for that.) I hope everyone is ready for a rewatch!!

Hardsub: Video Folder (5 parts)

Softsub: Subs

The softsubs should work with previous rips, so if you already have a movie file, you're probably set! If the hardsub goes down due to MF issues, let us know and we'll reupload/rehost it :)

Special thanks to our guest translator, [personal profile] daiyouhinn! Thank you so much! Also thanks to our QC team ♥

This is one project I /really/ don't want to see reposted or streamed, so let's not do that, please. What happens in PDB, stays in PDB :| (but feel free to make gifs or graphics, and link anyone who would like to watch the movie here~)
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