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TV Kyokuchuu Hatto features this corner about two brothers on a quest to try all kinds of different foods using some unusual utensils! From F2 Subs, here's episode 1 of The Magara Brothers' Gourmet Report!

Hardsub: Video

Softsub: Video | Subs

Note: Topokki is variously known as tteokbokki, in Japanese toppogi, etc. When I looked it up on wiki, I learned that "the spelling of “Topokki” was officially given...in order to appear friendlier for the international market." So! Friendliness all around :)

Please do not repost these subs anywhere, including on streaming sites. These links will always be freely available here, so please link your friends here~!

Please comment when taking~ ♥

ETA: As of 2/6/14, version 2 has been released! If you downloaded it before, please get rid of that and watch the new one instead XDD These links have been updated as well~
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